Pokemon Unite Needs to Chill with the Eeveelutions

Glaceon makes three out of eight of Eevee evolutions in the MOBA in a year.

I haven’t been playing much Pokemon Unite lately, but the MOBA is always in the back of my mind as one of my frequent live service games alongside Overwatch. And while there are only a few playable characters that would ever make me stop being a Pikachu one-trick, I am pretty disappointed in the lack of variety of the game’s roster. And that’s only become more apparent as the game is adding another Eevee evolution to the mix: Glaceon.

The ice-type Eevee evolution is coming as part of an event to celebrate Pokemon Unite’s first anniversary. Glaceon is one of three new Pokemon coming to the game in the course of a month, with Buzzwole and Tyranitar to follow.  There will be challenges and cosmetic unlocks, so if you’re still on the Pokemon Unite train, you’ll have a lot to keep you busy starting next week, July 21, when Glaceon leads the anniversary event charge.

But Glaceon is the third Eevee evolution Pokemon Unite has added to its roster, and this is already a line-up that’s lacking in some diversity. There have been some cool characters with interesting builds like Hoopa and Greedent, but Glaceon and Tyranitar feel like their roles are pretty well handled by characters like Alolan Ninetales and Duraludon. There will likely be original attacks that differentiate them, but Pokemon Unite has shown a hesitance to get real weird with its character choices, and leaning into another Eevee evolution really puts a spotlight on it.

Sylveon and Espeon are the other two Eevee evolutions in Pokemon Unite, and they’re thankfully pretty different in playstyle after they evolve. So it’s likely Glaceon will at least feel different from its Eevee brethren. But do we need this many Eeveelutions to the still relatively small roster in a year? Are the other five in the works as well? Could we feasibly see a team made up entirely of Eevees at the beginning of a Pokemon Unite match that covers multiple elements by the end? It seems plausible. But there are over 900 Pokemon to choose from, and it feels like Unite is leaning on a lot of the same archetypes, or in the case of Glaceon, the same evolutionary lines.

Here’s hoping the three other characters set to start rolling out in September start getting weird again.

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