Dragonite Joins Pokemon Unite During Holiday Season- LOOK AT PIKACHU IN A SANTA OUTFIT

I want to see my little boy. ~Here he comes~

Pokemon Unite’s next seasonal event is bringing some holiday spirit to the MOBA, but the most important development here is that my main boy, my ride or die, my short king of dunkin’ Pikachu has a lil’ Santa outfit that I’m gonna wear all event long.

Similar to the Halloween event earlier this year, the Holiday Festivities event will bring changes to the game’s map, new cosmetics for several playable Pokemon, and a limited-time mode called Snowball Battle that will let you turn the opposing team into immobile snowmen. Both Pikachu and Crustle will get holiday costumes, but Snorlax, Cramorant, and Mr. Mime will also be getting some love with chef’s costumes. Trainer characters will also get seasonal cosmetics, and there will be a Santa hat for you to put on several other playable Pokemon.

On top of all the seasonal changes, Dragonite will also be joining the roster as a melee-centric all-rounder character. Check out the full trailer below:

The event will begin tomorrow, December 9, and conclude on December 31. However, Dragonite won’t join the roster until midway through on December 20.

More Pokemon:

All of this coincides with the launch of Tsareena, another all-rounder character joining Pokemon Unite’s roster tomorrow. Tsareena and Dragonite are the eighth and ninth characters to be added to the game since it launched in July, bringing the playable roster to 29. Though, none of this will change that I am a Pikachu one-trick who will not change. This will remain unchanged until either Torterra, Beautifly, Houndoom, or maybe Corviknight join the game.

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