Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Grafaiai is Ugly as Sin and I Love Him

The new Poison/Normal Pokemon will debut in the RPGs in November.

Earlier this week, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company were teasing a new character in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and while fans were speculating it might be a regional variant of Smeargle because of the painting-based tease, it turned out to be about a brand new Pokemon altogether. Now, Grafaiai has been revealed, and it’s hideous. I love it.

The Pokemon Company released two trailers spotlighting the new Poison/Normal-type Pokemon, one of which is formatted like a nature documentary observing Grafaiai’s behavior, specifically as it pertains to the paint-like markings it leaves on trees with its saliva to mark its territory. I always like seeing how the Pokemon series handles the “discovery” of a new critter, because when we spend so much time catching and battling with these little guys, we don’t get as many looks as to how Pokemon ecosystems work. So this was a neat video, which you can check out right here:

But there was also a trailer that spent time with Grafaiai as it will appear in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and from the looks of it, they’ll be making the same markings on trees you find in-game. There’s a lot said about the character’s territorial nature, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were almost exclusively found around their marked trees. According to the official website, Grafaiai is nocturnal, which means you’ll probably only be able to catch them during the night time.

Check out that trailer below:

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are coming to Switch on November 18, and are going to be the first traditionally open-world game in the series. They also will be playable cooperatively with up to four players, which means we’re all gonna finally get to go on a Pokemon adventure with all our friends like we dreamt about as kids.