Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Reveal Cyclizar, New Moves, & Ghost Tera Types

Tera Blast changes across type swaps, and that's how we get a Tyranitar dealin' Ghost damage.

In the lead-up to November’s big launch, Nintendo and Game Freak showed off motorcycle-like ‘mon, Cyclizar, and new moves accompanying Pokemon Scarlet & Violet this fall. The latest gameplay trailer debuts a few ways you’ll trick other trainers with the competitive Pokemon kit shake-up, plus another look at Terastallizing.

Perhaps the biggest Scarlet & Violet stand-out here is Cyclizar, the little green guy subtle in neither name nor presentation. He’s a Dragon/Normal type Pokemon with a big, tire-looking thing on his neck and an overall design that’s suspiciously similar to our new Legendaries. Maybe he’s just someone’s little cousin, or maybe he’s one of the box art motorcycles. Either way, the list of vehicle Pokemon grows.

Anyway, for those looking to load up Scarlet & Violet for a fight, reveals diving into the nitty-gritty may interest you further. For example, new moves like Shed Tail allow Pokemon to “create a substitute, then swap places with a party Pokemon in waiting” — think Naruto‘s Shadow Clones and Pokemon‘s Baton Pass, you’re welcome.

Other additions through items, like Mirror Herb, let Pokemon play copycat, as the user mimics their opponent’s stat increases after consumption. In the footage, a Breloom with Bullet Seed also uses the new Loaded Dice, which “makes multistrike moves more likely to hit more times.” Perhaps some of those wimpier multistrike attacks are a little less risky if you can guarantee a few extra smacks.

As for peeks at Terastallizing, Nintendo shared a look at how the Tera type kit changes in battle. Tera Blast is your dynamic Pokemon’s new attack that swaps types with the Terastallized user. In the trailer, a Terastallizing Tyranitar puts on a fancy, crystalized Ghost type hat to change up alignments. It forgoes its usual Dark/Rock affinity, and the opposing Gallade takes a super effective hit, so we can assume that means Tyranitar’s hitting with Ghost damage.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss them, but other Pokemon we haven’t seen yet make their Scarlet & Violet debut here. In addition to the aforementioned, it looks like Cloyster, Magnezone, and Rotom also call Paldea home. Beyond today’s reveals of new additions like Cyclizar, we’ve got a long list going of every Pokemon available in Scarlet & Violet, both new and old critters alike.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet launches November 18, but Nintendo has steadily kept a drip feed going of everything new debuting with the Paldea region. Terastallizing, the fancy new gimmick Tyranitar used, comes with a bunch of adorable crystalline variant ‘mons. This month’s Pokemon Presents expanded upon that a bit more, plus extra goodies on other games in the series like Unite and Go.