Fans Think Pokemon Scarlet & Violet May Introduce a New Eeveelution [UPDATE]

There's some compelling evidence Eevee may get a new evolved form in the new games.

Update: There was no new Eeveelution reveal. However, there was a reveal that Eevee will be able to change its type using Scarlet & Violet’s Terastallize mechanic.

Original story follows: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are still a few months away, but fans are starting to speculate the next mainline RPGs in the series will introduce a new Eevee evolution, and The Pokemon Company has given a few reasons to suspect as much as we head into launch.

Pokemon’s official social channels, such as Twitter and Instagram, have been publishing videos of Eevee evolving into some of its different evolutions. This started over the weekend as part of International Friendship Day, one of those made up holidays social media celebrates, and included videos of Eevee evolving into Espeon and Umbreon. These are two forms the Pokemon can take when it has a high friendship rating with the player. On its own, this isn’t really much to go on, but fans are also looking to the current anime series, Pokemon Journeys, which seems to imply something big is coming for Eevee in a future episode.

Tiktok user @duwiol lays it all out in a video that points out both the social posts, as well as an ongoing arc with main character Chloe and her Eevee, which seems to be leading into something major for both the characters themselves and the Eevee evolution line as a whole. The most recent episode to air in Japan was an episode-long recap about Chloe and Eevee’s friendship, and the next one set to air on Friday, August 5, has a title that translates to “The Possibilities are Endless for Chloe and Eevee,” which sounds like the kind of episode title you give when you want to reveal a new possibility for the evolutionary line.


Is there a new Eeveelution on the horizon for #pokemon ?

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At the moment, this is all speculation. But given that The Pokemon Company is about to host a Pokemon Presents showcase on Wednesday, August 3, revealing a new Eevee evolution for Scarlet & Violet then capitalizing on it a few days later in the anime is the kind of brand synergy the series is known for. This way, the company can start introducing the new character in all facets of the franchise. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens at the Pokemon Presents and in the next episode of Pokemon Journeys.

Eevee debuted in the original Pokemon Red & Green, and was unique in that it was able to evolve into different forms depending on which evolutionary stone the player used. In subsequent games, Eevee gained new evolutions with different typings, but it’s been a minute since we saw a new one debut. Sylveon, the fairy-type evolution, was the last to debut in 2013. So it’s about time. Here’s hoping we see a new Eeveelution later this week…though, hopefully they don’t drop it into Pokemon Unite immediately. We’re good on that front.