Pokemon Pays Tribute to its Ghosts by Making Them Do Part of the ‘Thriller’ Dance

Darkness falls across the land...

If you didn’t already know (which I certainly didn’t), there’s apparently a Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel called Pokemon Kids TV. The channel launched earlier this year and is dedicated to educational, kid-oriented videos featuring Pikachu and his 800 other friends. This ranges from videos set to nursery rhymes, like this one of “London Bridge” featuring a bunch of Pokemon helping to build a bridge after it collapsed, to classical music medleys with Mewtwo flying about as the primary visual.

But the one video that got me down this rabbit hole of educational Pokemon content was this one that went up this week.

It’s a music video for an original Halloween song (titled “Halloween, Halloween!” in English) is a tribute to not only the holiday, but also all the spooky Ghost-type Pokemon Nintendo has put out over the years. It features Pikachu walking through a graveyard, getting scared by all the ghosts haunting the place, only to put on a pumpkin crown and dub himself “Pik-a-lantern, the pump-a-king.” Then, through the power of friendship, he, along with all the ghost Pokemon, Eevee, and Litten all break out into a choreographed dance that at points seems to pay tribute to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Here’s an excerpt of the dance in question:


So, obviously the song isn’t great, especially in English when the cadence of the lyrics just doesn’t flow. But this is for kids, so there’s no need to nitpick it. Despite that, I’m kind of obsessed with watching Pikachu lead a bunch of Pokemon in a dance, especially one that festively pays tribute to “Thriller” during spooky season. And if you just can’t stand the song as is, some folks have been quick to point out the dance works for other things too.


All this goes to show that the Pokemon machine never really stops. Launching an educational YouTube channel may seem like a small thing, but it’s part of a huge year for the franchise. 2019 has been full of projects in the Pokemon universe, from the upcoming Sword & Shield coming to Switch next month and the mobile Pokemon Masters having just launched, and of course the first live-action film Detective Pikachu hitting theaters back in May. Pikachu needs a vacation.

Anyway, whoever puts “Thriller” over this video will be my new hero.