Pokemon Go Fest Hit with Visual Bug, Niantic Investigating

Incense and Lures are showing Pokemon that aren't really there.

No, it’s not just you, those Pokemon attracted to Incense and Lures are despawning faster than normal in Pokemon Go. According to Niantic, a visual bug is irritating players during its annual Pokemon Go Fest, and the developer is investigating the issue.

Nihilego’s Pokemon Go celebration weekend is off to a rough start with a visual hiccup, and it seems this same bug may have played a role in ugly day one spawn rates. In a Twitter update, Niantic acknowledged a visual bug plaguing its 2022 Go Fest “is causing Pokémon attracted to Incense and Lures to appear after they have already fled from the Map.” Its Known Issues landing page tells the same story, noting those ‘mons are “unable to be encountered.” Bummer.

Pokemon Go Fest requires a ticket purchase if you’re chasing all of its perks, so folks trying to add a few Shiny Pokemon to their party had to pay $14.99 for the limited-time rewards. Some of those paid incentives include bonuses tied to using an Incense like increased Shiny Pokemon Spawns and encounters with regional ‘mons, so that visual bug makes this year’s fest a bit more disappointing.

Folks that bought into the event are predictably upset, and the Pokemon Go Reddit is a sea of complaints about Shiny spawn rates. A few comments describe what seems to be that visual bug, pointing out how Pokemon disappear as soon as they spawn. Typically, those spawn rates are already quite low—on the account of being a whole ‘rare Pokemon’ thing—but today’s accounts largely sound like they may stem from an oops on Niantic’s end.

It’s hard to say what it’s supposed to be like until Niantic offers a new status update, but for now, Pokemon Go is buggy. The Niantic Support Twitter account is still acknowledging player complaints that their Incense and Lure Pokemon are disappearing too quickly, and it looks like the only ‘fix’ is to restart your device and hope that helps. Or in a bit of tech-related wisdom, have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?

Regardless, some players are already into day two of Pokemon Go Fest, meaning they may have encountered the bug through their first day. The reasonable thing here seems like a day of compensation or extended perks, but no such plan exists for now.

Fanbyte has reached out to Niantic but has not received a response. We will update this story should they follow up with a comment.