Please Let Me Buy the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Joy-Cons Seperately

Nintendo can't keep doing this to me.

Every time Nintendo puts out a new Pokemon Nintendo Switch console, I deal with the constant inner battle of whether or not I should buy the thing despite owning a perfectly good OLED Switch. But man, the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet system is gorgeous, and I am once again asking Nintendo to just let me buy its joy-cons separately.

The new OLED Switch system will launch on November 4, two weeks before the actual Pokemon Scarlet & Violet games launch on November 18. It’s adorned in red and purple art, including drawings of the games’ starters Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco. The dock features Koraidon and Miraidon, the mascots for Scarlet & Violet respectively, and all comes togetherwith its red and purple joy-cons. It’s a little messy, but I love the collage look. Ugh, the more I look at it to describe it to you, the more tempting it is. I love my simple black and white OLED, but this is so cute. I just don’t think I can justify purchasing a new Switch when I have a perfectly good one right here.

The middle ground of this dilemma would be for Nintendo to make the joy-con controllers that feature some of the art, as well as the emblems for the Scarlet & Violet schools the player is enrolled in. purchasable on their own, but the company doesn’t have much history doing that (even when I ask nicely). Which is odd, considering more people would be inclined to buy new controllers than a brand new system. There’s an assumption here that people are buying a new system for a new game, but how often does that really happen, Nintendo? You’re telling me you’re selling so many of these new systems every year that you can stand to not sell some controllers on their own and make more money? I’m over here, right now, telling you I will buy the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet joy-cons without any hesitation. Meanwhile, I’ve got all sorts of hesitation about buying a whole ass Switch.

The new Switch announcement came alongside a new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, which focused on new friends and foes the player will face in the Paldea region.