PlayStation Acquires Housemarque, Maybe Also Accidentally Announced Bluepoint Acquisition

PlayStation Worldwide Studios grows with one official studio announcement and one possibly leaked one.

The ongoing acquisition war between Microsoft and Sony continues, as the latter goes on to pick up smaller studios that they have produced successful and proven projects with, like Insomniac. In that same vein, PlayStation Worldwide Studios announced today that Returnal developer Housemarque is now part of the ever-growing list of studios that were once independent but have gradually tuned more to Sony over time.

“Today is a big day for Housemarque and it has been over 26 years in the making,” wrote Housemarque managing director Ilari Kuittinen on a PSBlog entry. “Our strong partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment started with Super Stardust HD on PS3 and since then we have made arcade inspired games for all of the PlayStation platforms. With Returnal for PS5, our most recent release, our biggest foray into third-person action gaming solidified our voice and brand in the industry as delivering unique and quality player experiences.”

For PS5 customers, this likely changes very little, as the Finnish game studio’s games have largely been exclusive to PlayStation consoles with some occasional PC releases in the last few years anyway. For Housemarque, a developer which has been open about their struggles to stay afloat in a changing market, it adds a lot more stability. It’s unclear whether the Sony acquisition will allow Housemarque to go back to their previous arcade-y titles, if they even wanted to, but at very least they should not be clinging to life with every new release anymore.

But that’s not the only acquisition in discussion today. A mistaken image upload by Sony Japan announcing the Housemarque acquisition also indicates Bluepoint is their next target, likely just waiting for the official word.

It could mean nothing, but it seems exceedingly unlikely to just have that image laying around without some purpose for it. Bluepoint is most famously known for their remasters and remakes, such as Metal Gear Solid HD CollectionShadow of the Colossus on PS4, and most recently Demon’s Souls on PS5.

Assuming the acquisition indicators are accurate, Bluepoint will soon be part of PlayStation Worldwide Studios. After that, it remains to be seen if they will continue working on remakes and remasters or if they’ll move on to making their own original games.