PlayStation Survey Hints at Possible PS4 Remote Play on Switch

Not official confirmation, but the possibility is there

A lot of companies put out consumer surveys to gauge interest in possible products and services, and a lot of those surveys don’t result in any of these things ever coming to light. So take what I’m about to say as wild fantasizing of a possible future that may never actually come:

Imagine playing your PlayStation 4 games on Switch through the Remote Play feature.

That’s something Sony mentions in a recent survey on the feature, which was posted on the PlayStation subreddit by user YouRedditHereFirst. Generally if something’s available on Switch that’s the system I want it on because then I can play it in handheld mode and not be tethered to a TV. So if I were able to stream games to that instead, it’d bring that perk to an entire separate library of games. I really wanted Persona 5 Royal to come to Switch for this reason, and while this will probably not be implemented by its release date next month, that future games of its size could be playable on Switch regardless of whether they’re developed for it is exciting.

While Switch compatibility is the headliner here, there’s a lot of other features that, should they come to pass, will greatly improve Remote Play. Having played a fair bit of PS4 games through my PlayStation Vita using it over the years, resolving issues like the lack of customizable button layouts (or even a universal one, for that matter) would make it a preferred way of play for me.

In some instances, the way the PS4 controller was mapped the the Vita, which lacks L3 and R3 inputs and a second set of shoulder buttons, made some games unplayable on the device. I even remember Borderlands: The Handsome Collection mapped the L2 and R2 buttons, you know, the buttons you need to use to shoot in that game, to the bottom corners of the device’s touch screen. This meant you couldn’t aim and shoot at the same time. So if customizable layouts really are coming, it would get me to pull my Vita out to play pretty much anything on PS4 that wouldn’t be harmed by any lag.

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Here’s a rundown of other features the survey hints at by YouRedditHereFirst:

  1. Using Remote Play with a PS4 not connected to the Internet.

  2. Playing Remote Play on a Switch, AppleTV, AndroidTV

  3. Hiding unused controls for the game to allow for more screen real estate

  4. A slim/portable DualShock controller for portable gaming

  5. Exclusive maps/accessories for Remote Play

  6. Customizable button layout

  7. Connecting other controllers (Xbox) and mouse/keyboard

  8. Offline Remote Play

  9. PS1 and PS2 games

  10. Parental controls to allow for multiple users to use Remote Play at the same time.

If and when Remote Play comes to Switch, it stands to reason it will probably be compatible with the PlayStation 5 as well, which is coming to stores this holiday season. While Sony hasn’t unveiled the device publicly yet, the company has revealed information about the console’s innards and features.