The Wonderful 101 is Reportedly Coming to Modern Platforms Through Kickstarter

That' way to do that.

PlatinumGames, developer of much beloved games like the Bayonetta series and Nier: Automata, also released a Wii U exclusive called The Wonderful 101 back in 2013, and according to reports, the company (which just began an investment partnership with Tencent last month) is looking to crowdfunding source Kickstarter to bring the game to not only the Switch, but PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well.

Rumors of this began circulating on a 4chan post posted yesterday (Thanks GameXplain), which read as follows:
“Feb 3 announcement embargo.
W101 port ot switch, xbox one, and ps4.
Believe it or not.”

Not long after, a Kickstarter account seemingly owned by Platinum appeared on the Kickstarter site, albeit private and with the only public information being that it has backed no other projects.

No information about any stretch goals, desired funding, or backer rewards is public at this point, but if all of this is true then we’ll find out more on Monday. The biggest question on my mind is why Platinum needs to look to Kickstarter, especially after its new deal with Tencent, which the studio said would let it “use this capital to strengthen our foundation as a business and expand from game development into exploring self-publishing.” Granted, there was no concrete information about how much Tencent had invested in the company, but if the studio claims it could begin to self-publish, why does it need the public’s help to fund a Wonderful 101 port? Hopefully this is addressed specifically in any Kickstarter FAQ that is made public on Monday.

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Platinum seemingly teased an incoming Wonderful 101 announcement yesterday on its Twitter account, where it posted a photo of Hideki Kamiya sitting in the company’s office with a noticeable time and date of 1:01 and 10/1 (October 1), possibly referencing this Kickstarter’s reveal.

If this does come to pass, that will take The Wonderful 101 off the list of possible Wii U games coming to Switch this year Nintendo was rumored to be unveiling in the coming months. Guess that means that Star Fox Zero fans should keep their fingers crossed.