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Petition: Let the Lucent Hive Participate in the Guardian Games

Addressed to Commander Zavala

We, the undersigned, would like to bring to your attention the following problem, with recommendations following:

Savathun’s Lucent Hive Brood (hereafter referred to as “Lucent Hive”) are Lightbearers chosen by the Traveler. While they remain remorseless killing machines dedicated to the eradication of all life, they nonetheless have been blessed with the same powers as the Guardians who protect the Tower.

The Guardian Games were instantiated to celebrate the achievements of Lightbearers and foster a spirit of healthy competition among the various classes of Guardians, those being Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans. The Lucent Hive themselves demonstrate a similar division into these classes, with obvious examples of each being found among their ranks. (See Hidden reports “When is a Hunter Not a Hunter?” and “They Shoot Lightning Now.”)

Thus, we believe that the Lucent Hive should be allowed to compete in the Guardian Games alongside humans, Exos, and Awoken. The Lucent Hive could be placed on teams alongside their respective Guardian counterparts, with Knights being considered Titans, Wizards as Warlocks, and so on. Alternatively, they could compete as their own separate team.

The objection may be raised that the Guardian Games are intended only for Guardians. But there is precedent for non-traditional participants being allowed to compete in the event (cf. Suraya Hawthorne). Thus, we can see little objection in this regard to allowing the Lucent Hive, who are Guardians in all but name, to participate.

A further objection might be raised that the Lucent Hive, despite being granted the Light by the Traveler, take every opportunity to kill, maim, and desecrate all non-Hive life they come across. But is this not a new era of peace for humanity? Not long ago, it would have been unthinkable to see Cabal and Eliksni in the Tower. If we cannot reach across the aisle to those who see us as ontologically inferior creatures who must be extirpated in the pursuit of a neo-Darwinian perfection, then the values we claim to cherish are nothing but hollow words.

Agreed upon by the following people:

  1. Kravos, the Bright Death
  2. Nar’gul, Scourge of the Rings
  3. Xirkash Gru, the Painsculptor
  4. Alok-Tan, Extirpator of Hope
  5. Uulgeth, She of the Anointed Void-Blade, Who Will Slay All Humans and Bathe in Their Blood
  6. Drifter

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