2021 Has Already Peaked: Persona Soundtracks Are Coming to Spotify

You love to see it coming (to Spotify).

For video game music fans with indisputably exquisite taste, tomorrow will be a good day, as some (unfortunately not all) of the Persona soundtracks are coming to Spotify at midnight on January 5.

AniPlaylist, a site that compiles anime and anime adjacent soundtracks, has already created a playlist of all the tracks that will go live tomorrow, and it includes over 700 songs between the soundtracks for the main games in the franchise and some of the spin-offs. The games and collections that will be added include the following:

  • Persona 5 OST
  • Persona 4 OST
  • Persona 4 Golden OST
  • Persona 3 OST
  • Persona 3 FES OST
  • Persona 2 Sound Collections
  • Persona 4 Dancing All Night OST
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax OST
  • Never More -Reincarnation: Persona 4
  • Persona 3 & Persona 4 Vocal Sound Collection
  • Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth OST
  • Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth OST
  • Persona Music Fes 2013 live recording
  • Persona Super Live 2015 live recording

It’s a lot of music, but there are a few glaring omissions here, including Persona 5 Royal, which launched just under a year ago in the west and included some new bangers like “I Believe” that I would have loved to have played on a never ending loop.


Also missing is Persona 5 Strikers, which isn’t out in the west until February. However, it has some pretty great tunes, as well as some great remixes of the original Persona 5’s music. Music from the anime adaptations is also unfortunately not here, because while Persona 5: The Animation might be kind of a mess, it did feature my favorite Persona 5 song by a long shot.

However, in my opinion, one of the most egregious exclusions is the soundtracks for Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight. As Persona 4: Dancing All Night is among the collections coming to Spotify, I hoped Persona 3 and 5’s rhythm games would also get some love, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. At least not right now. It’s a shame, because there are some real bangers on both of those soundtracks.

Hopefully this means Atlus is making moves to put all of the Persona music on the service and we’ll see these other games and anime show up soon. I’m typically a Spotify user myself, but had to make the dedicated trips to the Apple Music app to listen to the Persona 5 soundtrack over the years. So I’m stoked to finally have them on my preferred platform.

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This abundance of music will give Persona fans something to listen to between now and the launch of Persona 5 Strikers, a Dynasty Warriors-style spin-off coming to PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC on February 23. The PC launch is the second Persona game to come to the platform in the past year, as Persona 4 Golden was recently ported to Steam last summer, which allowed fans to revive some cancelled content like a gay romance with Yosuke.