Persona 5 Royal Opening Movie Unveiled By Atlus

There's a whole new animation for the updated edition of the game, plus a new song.

With Persona 5 being such a major hit around the world, the announcement of Persona 5 Royal, which expands the story and includes one new Phantom Thief to the crew, came as no surprise. Now, we get to see the obligatory, and exciting, opening movie for the game. Atlus added the video to their Japanese channel earlier today, and it looks pretty slick.

Each major Persona game gets its own animated introduction, and it seems that P5R is no exception. This one is equally as gorgeous as the others, with some interesting imagery. Of course, we see the Phantom Thieves swinging around in their special outfits for the Metaverse (that’s the alternate world where they fight with Personas). But we also see them swinging at a miniature Tokyo and rolling around in an infinity pool of gems. There’s also a short dance scene with the new protagonist, Kasumi Yoshizawa, trotting in the rain.

P5R is quite a bit more than a DLC. In fact, while the original P5 story and gameplay are intact, P5R being released as a whole new game on its own. And given the content already teased, it almost seems like its own game anyway. We already know that the new Phantom Thief, Kasumi Yoshizawa, will be a playable character. However, she’s an entirely separate person from our established protagonist, dubbed “Joker.”

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There’s also plenty of new content other than the hotly-anticipated protag. There’ll be a new location to visit regularly, several new “confidant” locations (for person-to-person socialization), and a new Darts game that can give boosts to the characters’ combat skills. Plus, there’s new casual costumes to unlock, tons of new combat features, and new Playstation trophies to unlock.

P5R also introduces one more semester of gameplay on top of the two available. Interestingly, though, in the course of the new semester, a lot of odd changes have been noted, we’ll get a strangely-handsome human version of game mascot Morgana. Plenty of characters who should be gone or dead have shown up in the trailers. Who knows what this means?

Persona 5 Royal isn’t slated for Western release anytime soon. It’ll first be released in Japan on October 31st this year, and Atlus claims it’ll be translated and brought over to the rest of us in the West early 2020. Unfortunately, it’ll still remain a Playstation 4 exclusive. We don’t have a price point at the moment for the Western release.