People Have Been Emailing an Address Seen in Knives Out For Months

You, too, can send Marta a nice email.

A lot of times in movies and TV, creators will make a fake phone number or email address for their characters that usually is just a means to facilitate those communications so the plot can move forward. Knives Out, last year’s Rian Johnson-directed whodunnit, had one of these too. In the latter half of the movie, protagonist Marta Cabrera receives an email from a mystery person blackmailing her and trying to arrange a meeting. The shot is very short, but Marta’s email is very clearly seen as “”

It turns out, this email address is legit, and the Knives Out crew actually secured it for some reason. Maybe to be able to believably pull off an email in the movie by using real addresses and an email app on Marta’s phone, or just so someone couldn’t take it and subscribe to dozens of mailing lists in Marta’s name. But because it’s real, fans have apparently been emailing the address since the movie came out in November, and co-producer Nikos Karamigios finally got around to checking the inbox to find there are over 200 messages from fans just sitting in there.

Just based on the screencap here, we can see that some of them are fans telling the crew how much they enjoyed the movie, a few are people just checking the validity of the account, and some seem to be even emailing Marta in character, like asking who is blackmailing her or telling her she’s a good person. The latter of which is a reference to one of the last lines in the movie by Benoit Blanc, when he tells Marta she’s a good person despite being caught up in the drama of the rich, white family the movie centers around.

Now that I know this is a thing that’s real, I might send Marta an email myself. Just one to tell her that I hope she’s happy and healthy and that she and her family are living their best lives in that big house she owns now.

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Knives Out came to home media last week, but it’s not the end for the murder mystery movie just yet. Director Rian Johnson is at work on a sequel to the film, which will see Daniel Craig’s Blanc return with a new case and a new setting separate from the mystery of Harlan Thrombey and his family. Which is probably the best course of action, as the first movie ends on a thoughtful and ambiguous note, one that would likely be undermined if it were ever truly resolved in a sequel.

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