Paradise Killer Devs Are Collaborating with Ikumi Nakamura on…Something???

We only have a picture of snacks to pull from.

Kaizen Game Works, the team behind the open-world murder mystery Paradise Killer that launched last year, has announced it’s working with Ikumi Nakamura, known for her artistic work on games like The Evil Within, Okami, and Bayonetta. What is it? Well, we can only speculate at this point because all we have to judge from is a couple social media posts from Nakamura and Kaizen Game Works’ Twitter feed.

The first was Nakamura’s, which showed a care package of snacks sent to her by the Kaizen Game Works team. She doesn’t say anything concrete about whatever project they’re working on, but says that the collaboration has “taught [her] a lot about the importance of going back to basics.”

In other news:

Kaizen Game Works responded with a tweet of its own, saying the team and Nakamura are “making something amazing together,” and that it was excited to share more. Between the studio and Nakamura, the collaboration is bringing some eclectic skillsets and interests to the table. Paradise Killer was noted for its style when it launched last year, so I’m excited to see what Nakamura is adding. Given that Paradise Killer was pretty much wrapped up (should you figure out the mystery at its center) by the end, it seems unlikely that Kaizen Game Works is developing a sequel. So it’s most likely that any speculation I can give you won’t land too close to what is actually in the works here.

Nakamura currently heads her own independent developer following her departure from Tango Gameworks in 2019. She was the creative director of Ghostwire: Tokyo before leaving to found her own studio.