Overwatch’s Anniversary Event Returns with New Dances to Annoy Your Team With

But will they let Soldier: 76 do the Yes dance like God intended?

Overwatch’s annual Anniversary Event is coming back on May 19 to June 9, and from the looks of it, it’s going to be adding new variations of one of the event’s staples: dance emotes.

Every time the Anniversary Event comes around, Blizzard includes dancing emotes for each hero that’s been added since the last time around. Last year, Wrecking Ball, Ashe, and Baptiste were given their own dance moves to get down on the payload with, and this year Sigma and Echo will likely be up next. But based on the teaser video posted on Overwatch’s social channels, it looks like some (probably not all, if we’re being realistic) heroes will be getting new ones this year. The video (embedded below) shows Tank hero Roadhog strutting his stuff, which is different than the one he’s had since the first Anniversary Event in 2017.

While there will be new emotes, there will also be new skins and other cosmetics, including this one of Ashe and B.O.B. that’s an homage to Little Red Riding Hood:

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The Anniversary Event is different from other Overwatch seasonal events because it is the only one that unlocks all cosmetics for purchase (using in-game currency) and to show up in loot boxes, so a lot of players use this time to collect things they’ve missed over the past year during the events that have since passed them by. I know I’ll be using it to get the Orisa and Baptiste cosmetics I don’t have, as those are my Tank and Support mains, who I haven’t collected everything for just yet. Old in-game modes that are typically reserved for specific events will also be playable during the Anniversary. Basically, this is an excuse for Overwatch to showcase everything it puts out around the year.

Despite all this, Overwatch’s support has been significantly dialed back this past year as Blizzard works on Overwatch 2, which is going to bring a story mode to the typically storyless game. The game was originally unveiled at last year’s BlizzCon, but Blizzard has been upfront that it has no idea when the sequel will actually be coming out.

Director Jeff Kaplan said at the convention he expected the team would be talking about the game again at BlizzCon 2020, but at the moment, it’s unclear if that’s even going to happen due to the coronavirus pandemic resulting in the cancellation of events and large gatherings all around the world. Blizzard has yet to announce any such cancellation for its event (typically held in November), but has said that it’s ready to pull the plug on it at a moment’s notice should things not have improved by then. Whatever the case may be, the team’s moving over to the next game has had a noticeable effect on the rollout of Overwatch 2 content, as this year’s Archives Event, which usually includes a story sequence, didn’t include one at all, as Blizzard is dedicating its story content to Overwatch 2’s campaign.