Overwatch Summer Games Said ‘It’s Time for Hot Sigma Summer’

The trick is to give every Overwatch grandpa a beard.

It’s time for another Overwatch Summer Games event, so the heroes and villains of Blizzard’s team shooter are getting beach ready. And that means Sigma gets to reveal he’s actually rocking a six-pack and gets to have a beard before Soldier 76.

As with most Overwatch events these days, Summer Games’ biggest draw is in new skins and other cosmetic items. The stars of the show this year are the aforementioned Sigma, who under all that armor was apparently hiding six-pack abs, as well as Symmetra, Mei, Orisa, Ashe, all of whom are getting new legendary skins. More epic-leveled cosmetics will be available as weekly events for Winston, Pharah, and Hanzo, which can be won by winning games each week during the event.

Check out the highlight video for Summer Games 2021 below:

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Overwatch is in a bit of a transitional phase right now heading into Overwatch 2’s launch, which will be dropping the game’s usual 6v6 setup in favor of a 5v5 format. This will removing one tank from the usual 2-2-2 role lock Blizzard implemented back in 2019. However, it will still be a bit before that comes into play, as Overwatch 2 isn’t coming out this year.

In the meantime, Overwatch is basically surviving on events like Summer Games, which are mostly just cosmetic drops at this point with the occasional new mode. All the story content that would usually come during the Archives event is being held off until Overwatch 2, which will include a complete campaign, alongside replayable hero missions. However, the live game did get a significant update in the form of crossplay, which went into beta last month.