Want to be Swole Like Zarya? Try Overwatch Modded with a Ring Fit Controller

YouTuber/Modder Super Louis 64 has made another game into a workout.

I haven’t played much Ring Fit Adventure lately, mainly because Nintendo’s exercise RPG was my gateway into other means of exercise like weightlifting. And really, after you’ve successfully fooled Nintendo into thinking you’re a fitness god, there’s not much more the game can teach you. But something I have played more recently is Overwatch, which, despite a little bit of dropoff on my part, is still one of my favorite games to pass the time. Well, YouTuber and Ring Fit modder Super Louis 64 has created a mod to put both of those games together, and the thought of exercising to move payloads has suddenly made both games more appealing to me right now.

Super Louis 64 has made Ring Fit mods for other games before, including some wild shit like Dark Souls III. But as he points out in his breakdown video, Overwatch had one issue none of the previous games: required use of a second analog stick. Dark Souls III had a camera reset button, which allows you to finish the game without moving your camera around. The workaround for Overwatch was to emulate Resident Evil-style tank controls, allowing you to move the camera by using the Joy-Con slotted into Ring Fit’s Ring-Con controller to move the camera while walking to move forward. This way, you’ll always be moving in the direction you’re looking. This does mean strafing and even moving backward are a no-go with the mod, so pick your heroes accordingly.

Check out the full showcase video below:

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If you and a group of five friends are looking for a reason to get active while also pushing payloads, capturing points, and getting loot boxes, the mod is publicly available. Just remember you’ll have to kick one person off the team when Overwatch 2 comes out, as the game is scaling down to 5v5 by removing one tank from each team. If you need some help breaking the news, here’s a letter to send to them that you can fill in their name for.