Overwatch 2 Moves to 10-Player Matches

For balance reasons, the game will limit teams to a single tank.

In the Overwatch 2 stream today, which promised to reveal the game’s PVP for the first time ever, game director Aaron Keller revealed fairly major changes with how the competitive multiplayer works in the sequel. In 2019, Overwatch introduced role queue into the game, requiring players in certain modes to only choose from specific roles set for a team, like tanks, healers, and DPS, without having too many of any one role on a team. In this original 6V6 setup, there were two tanks per team — in Overwatch 2, there’s one less tank per team and thus two fewer players per game.

“Tanks can be a problem,” Keller said, explaining that the current setup makes for slower gameplay overall, which the team is trying to get away from with the sequel.

Overwatch series director Jeff Kaplan left Blizzard in April as Overwatch 2 continues development. Today’s livestream is one of the few times the game has been seen since its announcement in 2019.