Over 900 Pokemon and Unite Just Added Greedent, So Everyone’s Fair Game

Looks like no one's off the table.

Okay. I’m done trying to predict Pokemon Unite’s playable Pokemon. Now that Greedent, the squirrel from Generation VIII has joined the roster, I’m convinced I will never be able to predict what Pokemon are coming to the MOBA.

Greedent is coming out alongside a new seasonal event: Halloween Festival. Starting Wednesday, October 20, Pokemon United will be bringing new cosmetics, Halloween decorations for the map, and slight tweaks to how you play. There’s a point where an opposing team turns into jack-o’-lanterns. What does it mean? Who can say? We’ll see how these new changes shake up an actual match later this week.

But then there’s Greedent. The trailer that reveals it doesn’t go into too much detail, but it describes Greedent as a “tricky new Pokemon.” Notably, it has another gauge under its life bar, which seems to correlate with use of a move like Spit Up, which requires you to have ammunition to use. So it seems like Greedent is bringing some new mechanics to the roster, and it’ll be interesting to see how popular it is when it launches this week. But even so, Greedent is a surprising choice because it’s not a super popular Pokemon. Unite has been picking some pretty notable Pokemon since it launched earlier this year, so Greedent feels like a bit of a left-field choice. It brings a new playstyle, so that’s to be commended, but if you’d asked me who I thought the next Pokemon Unite character would be, Greedent wouldn’t have crossed my mind even once. Not that it really affects me. I’m a Pikachu one-trick and will not change. But it does make me more hopeful for some of my favorites to come in. Would love to see Beautifly as a support character or Torterra as a defender.

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Check out the full trailer for the event and Greedent below:

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