Is an Ouya Controller Worth 2999x More Than a Copy of Anthem?

Let's unpack GameStop's prices.

Y’all remember the Ouya, the Android-based casual console that cost like $99 and was discontinued in 2015? Well, seven years later, GameStop is selling its controller for $29.99, or 2,999 times the price of what it thinks a copy of Anthem is worth in 2022, which it has been selling at some locations for a single penny.

The retailer’s listing for the Ouya controller is specifically for a pre-owned controller. Which, yeah I can’t imagine there are any brand new Ouya controllers in existence seven years after the console was shuttered. For whatever it’s worth, the controller is Bluetooth compatible, which means it can work on devices that aren’t the Ouya itself. So if you wanted to try it on something like your gaming PC or mobile device, buying a $30 Ouya controller from GameStop would be a substantially cheaper than buying an Xbox Series X/S controller or a DualSense for the same versatile purpose. But even going back and looking at tech write-ups from the time at places like PCMag, Polygon, or IGN, the Ouya’s controller was almost universally derided for a poor form factor and sticky buttons.

Is an Ouya Controller Worth 2999x More Than a Copy of Anthem?


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So it begs the question: as GameStop slashes prices to get rid of obsolete stock, is an Ouya controller worth 2999x the money of a copy of BioWare’s loot shooter Anthem in 2022?

The pros and cons for the Ouya controller are pretty much laid out above: it’s cheaper than a modern controller and works on a lot of devices, but it’s also poorly made. Meanwhile, Anthem has pretty dope flying mechanics, but is on its death bed after BioWare and EA canceled its planned overhaul to breathe new life into it on top of the litany of problems it already had. Folks are finding copies of Anthem in GameStop locations running for a single penny, which, despite the game’s issues, is a near literal steal. It would be more simple to play the game as part of an EA Play subscription, but that is more costly than buying Anthem for the price of $0.01 from a GameStop location. You could buy nearly 3000 copies of Anthem for you and 2999 of your friends for the amount of money you could pay for a mediocre controller. And even if you don’t enjoy it, playing bad games with friends is an easy way to make them enjoyable.

So, in conclusion, an Ouya controller is probably not worth 2999 copies of Anthem.