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The Outer Worlds’ First DLC is a Mission to Uncover Space Drugs

Peril on Gorgon will be the first of two narrative DLCs.

The Outer Worlds — the Fallout-style satirical sci-fi epic that made all of us say “Outer Wilds” even more than we meant to last fall — is about to get some “substantial” DLC. Revealed today in a trailer during the Xbox event, Peril On Gorgon will be the first of two narrative DLCs, and it’ll arrive on September 9th.

the outer worlds peril on gorgon lobby

The new content involves a mission to uncover the mysterious (and probably terrible, given everything else in this corporate dystopia) origins of Adrena-Time, the power that gives you a huge boost to melee attack speed and movement speed, but comes with a gnarly crash and debuff afterward. The press blast promised “new weapons and armor, perks, flaws, and the same freedom to approach your problems that made the original game so rewarding.”

I loved The Outer Worlds. It was, as I had sort of predicted ahead of time, the first modern Fallout-style game that really did it for me. I played so much in so short a time that it sparked a hilarious instinct once I had to put the controller down for a volunteer shift one weekend, so I will probably play this too and possibly feel the sick need to complete every task in it.

To dig in just a bit, Adrena-Time is technically a drug, made by the shitty Space-Walmart Spacer’s Choice corporation. It’s basically caffeine “with boosters” (so… speed? Space-speed?), and comes in a handy little syringe. It’s probably made out of babies’ tears or something, extracted in a sad space baby factory, because that’s how basically everything is in The Outer Worlds, but we’ll find out the real scoop in a little over a month.

the outer worlds peril on gorgon rock monster

Both Peril on Gorgon and the upcoming (as yet unnamed) DLC will each retail for $14.99 (Xbox Game Pass will have a 10% discount), and together in a $24.99 season pass. You do need the base game to play them, and you can unlock the missions after leaving Monarch in the story.

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