Oddada Looks Like The Perfect Little Musical Terrarium

Oddada was a standout from the Wholesome Games Direct 2022 that looks like a city-builder game that grew up to be a cute musical game instead.

It’s rare when a thing comes across my radar that just drifts gracefully into my wheelhouse and Oddada might just be the magical musical fidget cube for my life right now. As someone who went through the hell of moving within New York City for the thousandth time (with COVID no less), I have found a slice of peace in Brooklyn and reader, let me tell you: there’s nothing like finding a quiet spot with some privacy and a space to tinker around with music again.

Oddada from Developers Sven Ahlgrimm and Mathilde Hoffman seems like the perfect little slice of meditative heaven for me. I can’t wait to tinker around with and make some funky little beats with no pressure to be too precious with my approach.

Oddada (which is just a pleasure to even say) sets a  musical sequencer into a gorgeous little isometric tile-based grid that appears to be sitting on a seamless colorful backdrop. It’s like finding a cake-like slice of a colorful terrarium full of life that breathes on its own, complete with animals, trees, water, and plantlife. Described as a “roguelike music builder,” Hoffman and Ahlgrimm say there will be six random levels to make some cute and funky little tunes on. You build bass lines, melodies and rhythms by plopping cute little houses made up of different colors on different tiles.

The trailer from today’s Wholesome Direct showcased how the game works and it looks really intuitive. A wave appears from one end of the grid and lifts up a single row of tiles at a time. Whatever is on those rows plays instruments or drum patterns just like a tiny little sequencer. It actually reminds me of the fantastic Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators that basically let you press a bunch of buttons and twist some knobs until you’ve somehow magically created… art? What a concept!

This kind of meditative, colorful, and minimal approach is the kind of stuff that I love to see. There’s just something about a simple toolset that allows you to be creative on your own terms — that can really inspire someone to take the next creative step.

Wholesome Games Direct: Oddada

The game’s description also says that you can save songs to a virtual cassette tape for your private collection. As someone who loves making MiniDisc mixes and in pure Jazz Uncle-style, and even has an obnoxious vinyl collection, I love this simulated approach. I look forward to curating my own little shoebox full of digital tunes to rummage through or even show off to friends online. Or maybe you could even find a way to transfer them over to a physical medium and share them in real life too.

Even the colorful, simple sans serif typeface used for the game’s title, where each letter is a different color, looks like something I want to pick up and feel. It really fires up my chromesthesia in an interesting way because I can almost hear that branding in my head. I am just in love with this overall attention to detail for this little gem of a musical sequencer. It looks like the best way to turn those digital veggies into delicious ice cream for your soul.

Oddada is available to wishlist on Steam for PC and Mac. A release date has yet to be announced, but I’ll be patiently waiting.

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