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New No More Heroes III Trailer Reminds Us that the Series' Strength is its Personality

Get your beam katana ready

No More Heroes is one of those series where I struggle sometimes to explain what about it is worth someone’s time. On paper, the games feel low-budget and weird, but that’s also their charm, and the newest trailer for No More Heroes III does a good job of exemplifying why those are virtues rather than qualifiers.

The video, which was part of a larger No More Heroes stream hosted by director Suda51, is part-trailer and part-retrospective, ostensibly trying to convince players new to the games why it’s fine to go into No More Heroes III blind. The whole thing is presented as a faux-YouTube video, which reinforces the kind of whim-like personality I think does the series well.

It also has a screenshot of the Travis Strikes Again metacritic page to argue it will be looked fondly upon in a decade.

In terms of new footage, we get a bit of a look at what No More Heroes is shaping up to be. The intro shows Travis, now in traction after the events of Travis Strikes Again, seeing an alien invasion in Santa Destroy. He, Shinobu, and a newly-revived Bad Girl decide it’s probably time to bust some heads.

The gameplay shows the No More Heroes staples we know and love, like the mixture of sword and wrestling combat. It also appears to bring back the part-time jobs, though now it’s more like wrestling crocodiles than it is collecting coconuts.

No More Heroes III is launching on August 27 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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