A Single Emoji Signals Another No Man’s Sky Update May Be On The Way

The "Flexed Biceps" emoji is a weird thing to get excited about, unless you like No Man's Sky.

Sean Murray has us adjusting our tinfoil hats again with his latest No Man’s Sky update tease — or at least, that’s what we’re assuming it is. Up to his usual wink-and-nudge antics, it looks like the creator is signaling something new is on the way with a mysterious… “Flexing Biceps” emoji.

Dead serious. The single-emoji tweet is all it takes now to get the No Man’s Sky community worked up into a frenzy. Historically, Murray tweets one emote before the spacefaring adventure launches new changes and additions to the game. Also, out of context, it’s hilarious to see a Reddit thread labeled “Discussion” in big, bold letters and a tweet with a flexing arm. As for the tweet fueling those conversations, here you are.

Cryptic, what could you mean, Murray? No idea, but the fandom is busying itself with half-joking answers and folks real serious about how the enigmatic Flexing Biceps have anything to do with No Man’s Sky. If the hint here indicates “strong,” then we’ll guess an inventory overhaul to adjust encumbrance. Perhaps even mech things? Anyway, place your bets before Murray confirms anything.

Older Twitter teases from the creator include the pirate flag emote for Outlaws, a rainbow for the Prisms update, and — my personal favorite — the eyes emoji for Frontiers. The cycle usually has Murray hinting with either one or two emotes, then everyone books it to Reddit, and later we finally learn what he meant by a lone whale emoji. For the unfamiliar, the whale thing was a tease for Expedition 7: Leviathan.

what have you guys done LOL? from NoMansSkyTheGame

It’s a cute little back-and-forth between the community and the game’s creator. Your guess is as good as mine on what Murray may mean by the vague arm tweet, but it could be anything from a major No Man’s Sky update to a smaller Expedition. It’s worth noting the aforementioned Leviathan update just dropped at the end of May, so perhaps we should keep our expectations tame for the big reveal.

Regardless, I reckon we’ll know something soon. The team over at Hello Games typically does not take long after Murray’s tweets to reveal what’s coming in the next No Man’s Sky update.