Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase Revealed (and Released) Some Cool Indie Games

A handful of these games are available to play right now.

Nintendo held another Indie World Showcase today, showing about 20 minutes of new footage and announcements for independent games coming to the Switch. As it turns out, a non-insignificant amount of them were made available for the console/handheld hybrid today.


After just under two years of being on early access on PC, Supergiant’s Hades is coming to Switch. The dungeon crawler has yet to be “officially” released beyond early access, even on PC, but it will be making its console debut on Switch this fall. If you’ve played any of the early access on PC, you’ll be able to transfer your progress over to Switch, as well.

Hypnospace Outlaw

Hypnospace Outlaw, an “internet simulator” that takes place primarily in a browser, is coming to consoles on August 27, including the Switch.


Thunder Lotus made a surprise announcement that Spiritfarer is coming out today, August 18, including the Switch version.

Garden Story

Picogram’s Zelda-inspired adventure Garden Story is coming to Switch, as well as Steam in 2021.


The underwater exploration game Subnautica, as well as its sequel Subnautica: Below Zero are coming to Switch in early 2021.

Takeshi and Hiroshi

After spending about a year on the App Store, Takeshi and Hiroshi, an RPG creation simulator about two brothers, is coming to Switch later today.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

Nodding Heads Games revealed its debut game Raji: An Ancient Epic will be coming to Switch as a timed console exclusive. The action-adventure game is set in India and stars its titular character as she fights off a demonic invasion after being chosen by the gods. It will be available on Switch later today.

Bear & Breakfast

Bear & Breakfast, a bed & breakfast management sim starring an extremely good bear, will be a timed console exclusive on Switch when it launches in 2021.

A Short Hike

After being on Steam and Mac for about a year, A Short Hike is coming to Switch as a timed console exclusive later today.

Card Shark

Card Shark, a game about card games, cheating at them, and the life and death consequences of all of the above, is coming to Switch and PC next year.

Torchlight III

Echtra Games’ dungeon crawling lootathon is coming to Switch this fall alongside PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Manifold Garden

William Chyr’s gravity-driven puzzle game Manifold Garden is coming to Switch later today after launching on other every other system last October.


Stone Lantern Games’ gorgeous 2D puzzle-platformer Evergate is coming to Switch, and it’s out later today.


These spotlights were followed by a quick montage of several games, some of which hadn’t been revealed for Switch before today. Including the following:

  • Haven
  • Going Under
  • The Red Lantern
  • Unrailed! (Demo available today)
  • Struggling
  • Inmost
  • She Dreams Elsewhere
  • Grindstone
  • Gonner2

Untitled Goose Game

Then after the montage was over, Nintendo showed a new trailer for Untitled Goose Game, which will be getting a cooperative update on September 23.

If you’d like to see all these trailers in one place, you can check out the full presentation below: