Peep Your Switch Stats With Nintendo’s Year in Review Tool

It's the most! Statistical tiiiiiiime of the yeeeaaaar~

Taking a page from Spotify’s playbook, Nintendo has launched a fun little website that breaks down all the data it’s been collecting on you how and when you played your Nintendo Switch over the course of 2019. The site is almost 50 percent advertisements, granted, but it’s still pretty neat! As you can see below, my relationship with my Switch will forever be marred by the fact that I used it to play Fortnite before anything else. I never would have remembered that fact without this handy website, and now I can’t look my Switch in the eye without feeling the pangs of regret, so thanks Nintendo!

The site also breaks down how many hours you spent with your Switch in 2019, as well as the number of games you played, plus the five games that you spent the most time with. (For me, a new Switch owner, those were The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu, Tetris 99, Super Mario Maker 2, and Into the Breach, though not necessarily in that order.)

The site also breaks down your playtime on a month-by-month basis, and you can probably guess from the graph below which month I played Breath of the Wild during. Nintendo points out which three days contained the most hours of Switch playtime in your own personal 2019, but it doesn’t tell you what you did on those days or for how long, so I’m kinda fuzzy on what you’re supposed to infer from that data. Maybe Nintendo expects one of those days to be like, your birthday? Or something? Maybe you’re supposed to remember that March 28 fell into that horrible flu you had, when you spent God knows how long playing Tetris 99 in a medically induced robo-haze.

Despite primarily existing for marketing research and advertising purposes, data like this can also be helpful for us, the humble consumers. My takeaway from my own personal data breakdown is that I don’t really spend that much time with my Switch, for example. Once Breath of the Wild was over, there wasn’t really that much to entice me back to the system for more than a few hours a month, most of which were spent collecting event themes in Tetris 99.

For a little additional perspective, I’ve spent more hours playing Destiny 2 since October (148 hours) than I have playing my Switch since I bought it last March (147). Granted, that’s a difference of a single hour, but my Switch had a four month lead on Destiny 2‘s latest expansion. So what can I do with that information? Well, when March rolls back around, I can decide if $20 a year is worth it to keep playing a few hours of Tetris 99 every month (spoilers: it is.) I can also make the decision to put more of an effort into using a system that I genuinely love, but clearly haven’t prioritized as a way of spending my video game time.

I can do better baby, I promise. Things are gonna be different from now on. These statistics have opened my eyes, and we’re gonna spend a lot more time together from here on out. Just as soon as I finish up the Dawning