Nintendo to Hold 30-Minute Splatoon 3 Direct This Week

The showcase will be very early in the morning for America.

Nintendo continues to ask us all to be up at the crack of dawn to find out new information about its games, as the company has announced plans to hold a Splatoon 3 Direct showcase later this week at the earliest time it would be considered within business hours in America.

News of this comes from an announcement on Nintendo’s social channels, which says it will be holding a Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct stream to talk about the upcoming third-person shooter on Wednesday, August 10 at 6 a.m. Pacific/9 a.m. Eastern. The presentation is set to last about 30 minutes, so it sounds like fans will be getting a pretty meaty update on the new game.

In other news:

Splatoon 3 is set to launch on Switch on September 9, so the stream is coming as we’re just about a month away from launch. Nintendo has also announced plans to release Splatoon 3 Switch console, but considering the needless money investment a new system would be, I kind of just wish Nintendo would let me buy the sick joy-con controllers it comes with separately. The white ones I got with my OLED Switch last year have had some trouble with joy-con drift, the phenomenon where the controllers register input on the analog sticks when there is none, and I could probably use a replacement for them.

Nintendo has said it’s been making efforts to improve the issue, but also says this is an inevitable truth of the Switch controllers that every joy-con will experience at some point. But right now, Nintendo hasn’t expressed any plans to sell the controllers separately, which is usually the case when the company puts out new Switch consoles. So it’s unlikely that will change with the Splatoon 3 console during the showcase. Which seems like money left on the table, to me.