Nintendo Announces May Indie World Showcase for Upcoming Switch Indies

The presentation will run about 20 minutes.

Nintendo is holding another Indie World Direct presentation to focus on games coming from independent developers to the Nintendo Switch.

The showcase will begin tomorrow, May 11, at 10 a.m. Eastern/7 a.m. Pacific, and will run about 20 minutes long. The stream will be available on Nintendo’s website, as well as its YouTube and Twitch channels.

In other news:

The last Indie World showcase happened back in December, with some of the major tentpole spotlight going to games like Chicory: A Colorful Tale and Omori finally coming to the Switch. So while Indie World does tend to spotlight a fair bit of new games, it also is where you hear a lot of ports from other systems finally making their way to Nintendo’s handheld/console hybrid. Which is always exciting for me, because a lot of indie games that come to PC or consoles tend to make me immediately react with “I would rather play this on my Switch in handheld mode. So we’ll see if any more indie darlings will be making their way to the Switch tomorrow. Personally, I don’t really feel like there’s a specific indie game I’m really hoping to see make an appearance on Switch tomorrow, which is probably a signal I need to pay pretty close attention to what’s shown off tomorrow. I need a new indie to have my eye on. But beyond that, I’m sure plenty of people will be hoping for an update on Hollow Knight: Silksong, which has been on everyone’s mind for several Indie World Direct shows where the game has just been missing in action. But who knows? Maybe this time we’ll get lucky.