Nintendo Reveals Game Builder Garage, Gamified Development Software

Nintendo's not content with you only making Mario.

On Twitter today, Nintendo announced new IP Game Builder Garage, a game/piece of development software that guides players through how to make a video game using a player-friendly interface and Nintendo Switch controls.

Check out the trailer below.

The concept is more than a little similar to Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet and Dreams titles and it seems to largely be born of Super Mario Maker’s designs, but there’s some interesting ideas just from the trailer here. The sample games were all fairly different from each other, which suggests that the tools have some heft to them, as well.

The larger point Nintendo seems to be hanging their hat on is that Game Builder Garage actually teaches you the logic of how to be a game developer and is doing so from the minds at Nintendo. There’s some footage of the tutorials in the game and they appear to range from how to make your character move to level design, so some aspects of the tutelage may be quite valuable to aspiring game developers.

The trailer finishes with a June 11 release date, which is only a month away and is right before E3’s digital event takes place, so it likely won’t be a part of Nintendo’s presence there this year.