Nintendo Confirms Switch Price Won’t Increase Like the PS5

Sony announced it would be increasing its console's price in most territories yesterday.

Yesterday was a weird day for anyone looking to buy a PlayStation 5, because Sony announced it would be raising the price of the console in most territories outside the United States due to inflation and the “global economic environment.” The announcement came without warning to most regions (Japan got a heads up a few weeks before the price changed on September 15), and Microsoft got an easy PR win by confirming the Xbox Series X/S won’t be raising its price in these same territories. Well, just in case you were worried about the Switch, Nintendo has confirmed it is also not increasing its system’s price in the midst of various economic trouble happening worldwide.

In a statement to Eurogamer, Nintendo said the company has “no plans to increase the trade price of its hardware.” The full statement the company issued to the outlet included a quote from company President Shuntaro Furukawa from Nintendo’s June annual general meeting, in which he said the company wouldn’t be changing any hardware prices due to inflation.

“While we cannot comment on pricing strategies, we currently do not have any plans to change the price of our hardware due to inflation or increased procurement costs in each country,” Furukawa said in the meeting back in June. “We will determine our future pricing strategies through careful and continued deliberations.”

The Nintendo Switch’s current price depends on which model you buy. An OLED system will usually run you $349.99, while a standard console costs $299.99, and handheld-only Lite model is the cheapest at $199.99.

In other news:

Whatever the situation is over at Sony, increasing the price of a console with zero heads up to people who might’ve been considering buying the thing in affected territories was a shit look, and now its competitors get to look better by comparison by not doing a typically unprecedented thing for console manufacturers. The new PS5 prices are as follows:

  • Europe
    • PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – €549.99
    • PS5 Digital Edition – €449.99
  • UK
    • PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – £479.99
    • PS5 Digital Edition – £389.99
  • Japan (effective September 15)
    • PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – ¥60,478 yen (including tax)
    • PS5 Digital Edition – ¥49,478 yen (including tax)
  • China
    • PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – ¥4,299 yuan
    • PS5 Digital Edition – ¥3,499 yuan
  • Australia
    • PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – AUD $799.95
    • PS5 Digital Edition – AUD $649.95
  • Mexico
    • PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – MXN $14,999
    • PS5 Digital Edition – MXN $12,499
  • Canada
    • PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – CAD $649.99
    • PS5 Digital Edition – CAD $519.99