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Ninja Theory Ceases Content Updates for Bleeding Edge

The team is moving on to other projects.

Ninja Theory’s play at the hero shooter genre Bleeding Edge is officially ceasing development and post-launch support, the studio has announced.

In a short post on the game’s official Twitter account, Ninja Theory confirmed that the team behind Bleeding Edge was moving on to other projects. However, the game’s servers will remain live for the time being, meaning those interested in playing the game still can on Xbox platforms or PC.

With the studio now focusing on our new projects (Senua’s Saga, Project Mara & The Insight Project) we have decided that there will be no further content updates for Bleeding Edge. The game is still playable on Xbox and PC. Thank you to the fans & keep teaming up & causing chaos!

Ninja Theory’s other projects include the sequel to Hellblade called Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, which was announced at the 2019 Game Awards alongside the Xbox Series X, as well as Project Mara, a horror game the studio painstakingly recreated a real-world apartment for. The studio was acquired by Microsoft in 2018, which the company announced at E3 that year. Bleeding Edge was the first game released as part of Ninja Theory’s partnership with Microsoft last year, but it joins the likes of Crucible as a recent team-based multiplayer game that kind of came and went. 

In other news:

With the announcement made, fans responded saying they enjoyed the game despite the lack of post-launch support. And developers over at Ninja Theory thanked those that played for their support.

Generally, the team-based multiplayer genre is crowded and only a handful of games can make it. For every Overwatch or Valorant there’s a Battleborn, Lawbreakers, or Bleeding Edge. Hopefully the team has greater success in future projects.

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