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I've Never Printed a Screenshot in My Life, But Might For This Pokémon Snap Printer

Screenshot printer: wow, that sounds like a luxury I don't need. But this one has Pikachu on it.

New Pokémon Snap is just about a week away, and Nintendo is looking into some kind of promotional crossover products to market the game. And this little printer that prints out pictures from your phone that also comes in a Pikachu-shaped case must be somewhat effective marketing, because I did just imagine a collage of Pokémon photos I’m gonna take in that game hanging from my wall and didn’t immediately talk myself out of it.

Fujfilm is releasing a Nintendo-themed app to allow you to transfer screenshots from your Switch to the Instax Mini Link smartphone printer. Why bother to just send them to your phone and print them from there when you can use this little printer to make them into these tiny snapshots and capture that aesthetic?

The app itself will also come with frames based on Nintendo franchises, including Super MarioAnimal Crossing, and Pokémon Snap.

But the app is one pillar of this. The other is that Fujifilm is releasing a new version of the Instax Mini Link printer that can be bundled with a Pikachu case. That’s the thing that elevates this to a “neat novelty thing I cannot fathom purchasing” to “I don’t know, I could probably squeeze that somewhere on my shelf or desk, if pressed.”

The printer itself is $100, while the bundle including the Pikachu case will be released in May for $120.

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