Kentucky Route Zero Developers Announce New “Performance-Focused” Game

Cardboard Computers' creative successor to Kentucky Route Zero is in the works.

At today’s Annapurna Interactive 2022 Showcase, developer Cardboard Computers subtly announced they’re working on a follow-up game to Kentucky Route Zero. While it’s not clear if the upcoming project is a sequel or at all related to the original tableau point-and-click adventure, but we do know it will be 3D animated.

In a brief behind the scenes teaser trailer the Cardboard Computer team sat back and reflected on their experience developing Kentucky Route Zero. Jake Elliott, Tamas Kemenczy, and Ben Babbitt also announce they’re working on a new project that will be a fresh developmental approach focusing on performance and 3D animations.

While no title or release date was announced, the trio did show off a face-tracking 3D animated talking dog, and it looks incredibly cool. You can watch the full trailer below when it goes live.

Kentucky Route Zero is a segmented adventure game that originally released in 2013 and finished releasing in 2020. It was also ported to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in the form of Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition. The story follows a trucker who is on a roadtrip across America to deliver antiques to an address in Kentucky; a simple conceit but it gets very weird, very fast. It’s exciting to see Cardboard Computers new project is actually a thing. It’s genuinely great to see a small team of pals develop on an ambitious next step to this thoughtful narrative. Kentucky Route Zero was published by Annapurna Interactive, and this partnership will be continuing with this new project.

In Fanbyte’s review for Kentucky Route Zero, writer Jay Castello says “The heart of Kentucky Route Zero, though, is its writing. The five-act tale effortlessly pulls together poetry, prose, dialogue, inner thoughts, playwriting, epistolary emails and newspaper clippings, and more. Pulling from a long history of southern Gothic literature before it, its surrealism has meaning, shining a spotlight on labor, inequality, and family tensions.”

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