New Apex Legends Bug Lets Players Use Other Legend’s Abilities

Ability roulette

Apex Legends is no stranger to having bugs when a new season launches, but this might be one of the strangest (and most amusing) in a long time. First revealed on the Apex Legends subreddit by user LivingPosioningToast, this glitch sees different legends gaining access to other characters’ abilities. In their video, you can see that while on Ash they are not only able to use Loba’s abilities, but sound like the fan-favorite thief as well.

Curiously, this isn’t the only character combo being reported as players are flooding social media with a bunch of wacky videos showcasing different characters gaining access to skills they shouldn’t have. My personal favorite is Pathfinder channeling his inner Iron Giant and utilizing Valkeryie’s ultimate to rocket his team skyward. Other bugs being reported include Valkyrie using Mirage’s clones, Newcastle using Mirage’s clone, and perhaps the most terrifying mismatch, Gibraltar with Octane’s speed.

While this bug is certainly hilarious, hopefully, it’s fixed soon because I can only imagine the frustration users will have if this keeps happening in the Ranked mode. That being said, I do think this would be a pretty funny Limited Time Mode or a possible gag for April Fool’s Day. Given Apex Legends has had equally weird LTMs in the past, giving players a mode where character abilities are mismatched could be quite fun. We’ve had something sort of like this bug with the Dummie’s Big Day mode, but that only randomized the ultimate and everyone looked like a terrifying mannequin.

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