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Netflix Resident Evil Series Reportedly Cancelled After a Single Season

It seemingly did not hit complete global saturation as there will be no more Resident Evil seasons after the current one.

In today’s modern, data-driven streaming world, if your show does not take over the world in the first few weeks of its existence, then it’s doomed to failure. I can’t say I have any idea what Netflix’s expectations were for the Resident Evil TV show that premiered in July of this year, but the action-horror show based on Capcom’s hit video game apparently did not meet them. According to a report from Deadline, the show will not be getting a second season.

This is not, like, a galloping shock. The show premiered in the wake of Stranger Things’ latest season, which could have been a rising tide lifting all boats or could have been everyone cancelling their subscriptions as soon as they finished Stranger Things. It was a gamble, but I’m not entirely sure who was throwing the dice, and what outcome they were really hoping for.

The show was going for a more diverse cast than the inexplicably popular Paul W.S. Anderson movies did, and the acting was largely praised, but the overly-complicated narrative probably prevented the Netflix adaptation from really grabbing hold with a major audience.

In the adaptation department, Capcom is still planning for a Mega Man live-action movie also produced by Netflix and Castlevania producer Adi Shankar is still presumably pursuing a Devil May Cry show.

[Source: Deadline]

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