My Time at Sandrock Replicates Portia’s Success on Steam

We've all moved to the desert for now.

Developer Pathea Games has officially turned My Time at Portia into the My Time series. To the delight of the Stardew Valley and life simulating enthusiasts everywhere, Pathea’s latest game, My Time at Sandrock, just made its early access debut, and it’s already smashing Portia records on Steam.

My Time at Sandrock launched via Steam and Epic Games with its early access build just days ago, but it’s already topping player count records established by Portia. This morning, Sandrock‘s concurrent player count hit 21,778 users at its peak. According to Steam DB’s data, that’s a hefty jump from Portia‘s all-time concurrent peak three years ago at 13,299 players. Though we aren’t talking about left-field surprises like V Rising, that’s nothing to handwave. Sandrock‘s success on Steam doesn’t factor in players using Epic, and it’s hardly been 48 hours since its debut.

Pathea’s first hit with My Time at Portia drops you into the more traditional genre role of a farmer tasked with restoring the former family business. And while Portia is a bit more than the typical farm scenario, Sandrock looks to pivot further from some of those rehashed scenarios. In this latest My Time game, you’re a builder in a struggling desert town with the usual tasks of socializing, rebuilding, and gathering resources. But Pathea’s series leans a bit more action-adventure heavy, adding more involved RPG elements through player-tailored builds and an emphasis on exploration.

According to Pathea, My Time at Portia has sold over 2.3 million copies worldwide since its launch four years ago, so perhaps folks clamoring into Sandrock early on is a given. However, even as someone endlessly entertained by life simulators and reliving the most mundane chores through the genre, I’m always surprised and fascinated by their popularity. Even now, six years after its debut, beloved indies like Stardew Valley are still popping off, and its developer recently noted sales for the game are stronger than ever.

Whatever the reason, the formula clearly works, and I’m counting myself among those still charmed by My Time. For now, Pathea doesn’t have a date on when we can expect to see a version 1.0 launch for Sandrock, but they’ve promised regular content updates through additional NPC dialogue, voice-acting, and an original multiplayer storyline. So, after putting more hours than I’m willing to admit into Portia, I reckon I should move towns and spend a little more time in Sandrock, even if it’s still just an early access build.