Garden Music Risk-Free In Mutazione’s New Sandbox Garden Mode

A free update to Mutazione adds Garden Mode, where you can experiment with your symphony of flora to your heart's content.

Mutazione, one of the quiet hits of 2019, won over nature-loving players with a multitude of its little charms. The writing, the characters, and the fascinating premise, all taking place on a gorgeous mutated island, drew in interest from indie fans. But perhaps the most interesting, and understated, mechanic of the game is getting its time to shine. A free update will bring Garden Zone to Mutazione so you can listen to your plants sing anytime.

One of the quirks of Mutazione is the literal singing plants. In the primary Story Mode, you’re asked to tend to plants on the roof of your grandfather’s home. Plants in the game “prefer” different pots and locations, which makes it a task. Once raised, the plants play music, as each plant represents one of a variety of instruments and themes. Grown together, you essentially have a mini-symphony of flora.

In Garden Mode, you’re free to experiment more without the constraints of Mutazione’s Story Mode and discover more. Garden Mode includes some new exclusive features, including the Cloud Garden, high above the rest, and seven new seeds to try. Players can share “rare and unusual” seeds discovered throughout the game with friends. Plus, of course, you can fiddle with the garden itself, and with “time control,” you can let the seeds grow as you wish.

Mutazione itself is a charming game that continues a line of recent indies focused on small-town issues. It takes place over a century after the asteroid “Moon Dragon” hit a holiday resort on an island. Since then, the few residents that survived mutated into interesting creatures.


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You play as Kai, a 15-year-old in the odd and mysterious village of Mutazione. She must take care of her ill grandfather, better known to locals as an outsider scientist and a healing Shaman. Of course, drama plagues the town through both nature and small-town politics and relationships. As the stranger coming to town, Kai navigates the many twists and turns of small-town life: trauma, love, and charming, mundane quirks.

As you can probably guess, the “singing” plants are tied to the grandfather, the Shaman. After all, what are better plants to experiment magic and healing with than, well, mutant singing plants? But again, the scope within the primary game itself remains fairly limited. Garden Mode should hopefully give players more time with one of the game’s more interesting features.

For foreign players that may have missed out, the Mutazione update also includes six new langauge for Story Mode: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Turkish. Arabic is on its way, but in a later update. The game also already has eleven additional langauges.