MultiVersus Patches Out Cops as Velma Stops Snitching

Velma says "ACAB" and calls the Mystery Inc. van instead.

Sometimes changes in fighting games aren’t just balance tweaks and new characters, sometimes it’s changing a tone-deaf attack like how MultiVersus had Velma calling the cops on her enemies. Now, Velma has seen the error of her ways, and is saying “ACAB” while calling her Mystery Inc. teammates, instead.

The latest patch notes for Warner Bros. crossover platform fighter say Velma’s ability to call the cops, which summoned a cop car onto the stage that could capture and drive enemies out of the ring, has been tweaked so that she’ll call the Mystery Machine, the Mystery Inc. van, instead.

The original ability can be seen in the video below:

As TheGamer points out, Velma’s ability to call the cops has been divisive in the MultiVersus community since the game launched, as public awareness of police brutality, especially toward Black people in America, is at an all-time high. Some players have opted not to play as the Scooby-Doo character on principle, and now that she’s calling the Mystery Inc. crew instead, this just seems an all around buff for the character and the game as a whole. Here’s the updated version of the ability in action:

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MultiVersus is full of little nods and references to its various fighters’ history, Velma included, as the entire screen blurs when she crouches and starts looking for her glasses. So it’s good that the game is making changes to keep that fun spirit alive without feeling tone deaf to the broader state of things in the real world.