Multiple Ubisoft Higher-Ups Subject of Workplace Harassment Complaint in French Court

The company's "Me Too" moment continues.

Ubisoft’s ongoing saga of harassment within the company has a new development, as a complaint has been filed in French court by the Solidaires Informatique union saying the company and several key individuals such as CEO Yves Guillemot have not adequately addressed the issues within the company and have benefited from that inaction.

The complaint does generally list the company’s human resources department, as well as singles out former HR Director Cecile Cornet. Alongside Cornet and Guillemot, the complaint also hones in on other individuals, including former Global Creative Director Serge Hascoët, and former Editorial VP Tommy Francois, both of whom have resigned from their positions at the company following the studio’s culture coming to public light.

The union posted a statement on the complaint on its social channels, which was translated to English and provided to Kotaku.

“The complaint targets Ubisoft as a legal entity for institutional sexual harassment for setting up, maintaining and reinforcing a system where sexual harassment is tolerated because it is more profitable for the company to keep harassers in place than to protect its employees.”

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Reports that employees weren’t satisfied by Ubisoft’s actions following the extensive outing of toxic workplace culture, harassment, and sexism within the company came out earlier this year. Several offenders weren’t removed from the company entirely, but instead shuffled around into different roles. In a recent report, a Ubisoft representative told Bloomberg that these people were still at the company after third-party investigators deemed them fit to stay at the company, while others went through disciplinary actions. Some opted to try and leave during internal investigations, but Ubisoft addressed the issues publicly in a statement by Guillemot given at arm’s length from the company’s Ubisoft Forward presentation the same day.