After Fixing Sonic’s Movie Design, MPC Vancouver is Shutting Down

The company has been part of several multi-million dollar movies.

You know the people who were responsible for making the Sonic the Hedgehog movie look less like a horror movie complete with human teeth for the anthropomorphic hedgehog? Their studio, MPC Vancouver, has been shut down after they put in all that time to not only fix someone else’s mistake, but contributing to the development of several multi-million dollar earning films.

Cartoon Brew reports that the MPC’s Vancouver branch is closing its doors, effective immediately, and that employees were informed of this yesterday. This comes only a months after the animation studio did work on the Sonic the Hedgehog movie to salvage it after someone up high in the movie’s production greenlit the original monstrosity. Among other crimes committed here, MPC’s various studios are responsible for animation in mulitple major movies that have grossed several million dollars over the past few years. To give you an idea of just how many huge movies this company is involved with, Cartoon Brew lists the following noteworthy credits: The Lion King (which grossed over a billion dollars during its theater run earlier this year), The Jungle Book, Justice League, Blade Runner 2049, X-Men, Prometheus, Dumbo, Detective Pikachu, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

An image of the email that is said to have been sent to employees is also circulating online. The email is unverified at the moment, but more or less says the studio’s closure is due to a desire to open a new location somewhere “more attractive.” This is apparently a trend happening in Vancouver animation companies right now, as ILM, Pixomondo, and Method have all seen staff cuts this year due to other cities offering tax credits in film production.

More on movies from MPC animators:

A user on Reddit claiming to be an ex-employee of MPC Vancouver posted about their experience at the company, but it has since been deleted from the site. However, Cartoon Brew did manage to grab it before it was removed, but said they could not verify if it was legitimate or not. The post describes some incredibly demanding working conditions, including long days with no time off. As the post has not been verified, take the information presented as you will. But here it is:

We’ve all put in extreme hours wrapping two infamous projects in the last couple of months. We’ve done multiple weeks without a day off, regular 17+ hour shifts to the point that most of us are seriously sleep deprived and are suffering still. We’ve worked really fucking hard to get this work out the door for MPC, and I’m genuinely ashamed that they are happier prioritising their profit margins and tax incentives over the insane talent and commitment of hundreds of dedicated VFX artists in Vancouver. I honestly feel insulted, like I’ve given MPC my all and in return they gave me the finger.

Good luck to all other insanely talented artists that MPC currently employs in other locations, because the second another location becomes more ‘attractive’, you could be next on the chopping block.”

Anyway, unionize your workplace.