More FFXIV Housing Coming in Patch 6.3, What You Need to Know

New content is cool and all, but maybe more FFXIV housing is all we need!

Live Letter 74 gave us a preview of a ton of new content coming to Final Fantasy XIV with Patch 6.3, which launches on January 10. We summarized everything we learned about FFXIV Patch 6.3, but one of the standout announcements was about player housing. Towards the end of the Live Letter, director and producer Naoki Yoshida outlined plans for expanding housing in FFXIV.

Folks on the hunt for in-game housing will get some relief. FFXIV Patch 6.3 will add new wards for all residential areas — The Empyreum, Shirogane, Lavender Beds, The Mists, and The Goblet. This will consist of six regular wards and six subdivisions for a total of 1,800 new plots per server. These will be sold through the current housing lottery process. Distribution between Free Company and private plots will be announced at a later time.

Despite the recent changes to the housing system and the way players purchase plots, many struggle to get their hands on houses. The lottery system took the pressure off players by getting rid of the first-come-first-served system, but it didn’t solve the housing shortage. These additional wards, subdivisions, and plots should help alleviate the housing demand when Patch 6.3 drops.

The housing lottery system runs on a nine-day cycle split between a period in which players can draw and number and deposit Gil for a prospective plot, then either claim the plot with their winning number or seek a refund if they lose. It had some unique struggles in the opening days back in Patch 6.1 earlier this year, but has been going relatively smoothly. Still, more housing has been in demand and it’s being addressed in the next major patch.

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