There are More Copies of Grand Theft Auto V Sold than the Current Population of Russia

Take-Two gives updated numbers in a new financial call.

It’s a little hard to visualize how many copies Grand Theft Auto V has sold. It is one of the most profitable pieces of media of all time — like what does that even mean? How do we talk about something that has made more money relative to its expenses than things that have broken through cultural walls in ways we just think of as normal now?

After wracking my brain, I feel like the best way to talk about the actual legitimately absurd number of copies Grand Theft Auto V has sold is to maybe talk about numbers that are not as big. So here’s some numbers that, as of right now, help make it clear how many copies this game has actually sold.

Grand Theft Auto V as of March 31, 2022: 165,000,000 copies sold

  • Russia’s population as of January 2022 is 145,478,097. In terms of population, GTAV needs to only sell about seven million more copies to overtake Bangladesh.
  • If you combine the populations of Spain (47,326,687), South Korea (51,745,000), and the United Kingdom (67,081,000), you would only just barely catch up to GTAV’s sales from a few months ago.
  • Mario Kart 8/Deluxe is the 7th best selling game of all time. You would have to roughly multiply that game’s entire lifetime sales by three to catch up to GTAV.
  • The two best-“selling” versions of Tetris of all time — a free-to-play version from EA that they reported has been downloaded 100,000,000 times and the GameBoy/NES versions from Nintendo at 43,000,000 — do not together reach current GTAV sales.
  • In 2013, Hasbro reported that Easy-Bake Ovens had 30 million units over the past 50 years. At that rate, it would take roughly another 200 years to reach GTAV sales.
  • For the entire series, Grand Theft Auto has sold 365 million units. That means that the entire Grand Theft Auto series without GTAV has sold roughly 190 million, a number that GTAV will very possibly beat within its lifetime.

During its earnings call today, Take-Two would not confirm that Grand Theft Auto VI, which has been announced but is not detailed at all, will only be on current-gen consoles. As of right now at least, Take-Two and Rockstar appear to be leaving the door open on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game.