Bootleg Moonshine With An Angry Old Lady In Red Dead Online

The upcoming new Moonshiner Frontier Pursuit in Red Dead Online lets you built an ambitious boozy empire with a little help.

There’s absolutely nothing more edgily wild-western than grabbing a bottle of moonshine in the dark of night to drink with your fellow cowboys. Except, as it turns out there is something more edgily wild-western — actually making that moonshine. Soon, Red Dead Online will let you follow that dream with the new Moonshiner career.

Rockstar announced the Red Dead Online Moonshiner Frontier Pursuit as part of the upcoming update on December 13th. In it, you pretty much tick of all the boxes of becoming a proper bootlegger.

You start off by meeting Maggie Fike (pictured above), a disgruntled old lady who’s “an experienced bootlegger with the scars to prove it.” She’ll be providing some story quests for your route and progression. And it’s definitely not for nothing — “You’ll also work with Maggie through a series of story missions to be played solo or cooperatively as you help her get revenge on those who tried to take her down,” Rockstar describes in the blog. It also appears you have a chance to take out a rival business.

In short, you’ll probably be helping a worn, scorned bootlegger woman get some revenge. And isn’t that every gamer’s wild west dream?

red dead online moonshiner

If your dream is a little more oriented towards personal capitalist success, this route provides that as well. As you progress, you’ll get a few pieces of property to call your own. You start with the Moonshining Shack, a typical-looking store with a whole moonshining operation downstairs in the basement. From there, you’ll get new recipes and brewing techniques to let your business rise and shine.

And finally, Rockstar claims that with a little perseverance, you might get your very own bar, “with customizable décor and the option to add a country band complete with dance floor to entertain your friends and clientele.”

In order to get all this, though, you need to start along as a Trader. (Can’t hurt to know a little business, right?) You’ll need to complete a sell mission, or reach Rank 5 in Trader progression. From there, your Trader companion Cripps will allow you an introduction to Maggie.

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This new Moonshining route is one of many jobs in Red Dead Online that’ll help you win over some fellow no-do-gooders (or do-gooders, if you really play that way). Each lets you follow smaller ambitions to unlock interesting items and abilities tuned for each position. Again, the path into Moonshiner is the primary Trader route, which lets you turn animals into sell-able pelts. You’ll have to transport them on your own, which is part of the fun, right?

Of course, there’s the Bounty Hunter route, which lets you take down big criminals and “wanted” players. Red Dead Online also offers the Collector option, which is pretty much just glorified and systemic treasure-hunting.

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