Monster Hunter’s Felynes Are Voiced by Capcom’s Cats, and That’s Cute as Heck

The team turned to their own pets for help voicing the feline species.

You’ve heard of “bring your pet to work day,” but sometimes you get “make your pet part of your work day,” and that’s how Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s cat-like species called Felynes ended up voiced by Capcom employee’s own pet cats.

News of this came from an interview with Sunbreak Director Yoshitake Suzuki from VG24/7, where he confirmed the meows and other cat noises the Felyne characters (including the Palicoes that act as a companion to the player) make is coming straight from the mouths of Capcom employee’s cats. He points out this isn’t the first time Capcom employees have used cats in Monster Hunter development, as they appeared in a Japanese commercial for the original game, but this immortalizes them in the Monster Hunter universe. And that’s cute as fuck.

“It is true that we do record the noises of cats – which are owned by the dev team – in order to get the sounds you hear in the game,” Suzuki told VG24/7. “Some of the development team’s own cats appeared in adverts for the game, back in the day, here in Japan – that’s quite a long time ago now. Unfortunately, as you well know if you have ever seen a cat, they’re not necessarily that cooperative. So you kind-of have to just take what you can get in terms of recording of performance and directing them.

“So usually we try and record them when they’re in a good mood, and they’ll make some nice meowing noises.”

The team told VG24/7 it has primarily used the same cat noises it had from the original Monster Hunter game, which were from a cat named Migya owned by original sound director. But as the team needed more sounds for Felyne characters, it looked to staff cats once again, but would edit the base voice for instances it needed a voice line for things it couldn’t recreate, such as a Palico being attacked by a monster.

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