MLB The Show 21, a PlayStation Studios Game, is Coming to Xbox Game Pass at Launch

What strange times we live in.

If you want an example of something you could show to someone who pays attention to the video game industry from years prior (hell, even a year ago this would have seemed wild) that would break their brain, the latest trailer of MLB The Show 21 would be a good one. For some it might be because they know nothing about baseball, but for others it will be because the Xbox logo appears right before the PlayStation Studios one in a trailer announcing the once PlayStation exclusive baseball game is coming to Game Pass on launch day.

MLB, Sony, and its San Diego team announced back in 2019  the baseball sim series would start coming to platforms beyond PlayStation. So that it’s coming to Xbox platforms at all isn’t really a surprise. But a PlayStation developed game coming to Xbox’s subscription service is still pretty wild. Honestly probably good all involved waited until today to announce this rather than it being chalked up to an April Fools joke yesterday.

In other news:

While that initial announcement that MLB The Show would start moving to platforms beyond PlayStation was retweeted by Nintendo at the time, MLB The Show 21 is coming only to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on April 20. So there’s no word on a Switch version just yet.

Despite the interesting console war discussions MLB The Show 21 is prompting, it’s still an anomaly when it comes to PlayStation developers putting games on other platforms. The publisher is starting to dip its toes in the PC pool with ports of Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, but it would be nice to see it take a bigger leap into the space with a game like The Last of Us Part II or God of War.