Mass Effect N7 Bedding Says ‘We’ll Bang, Okay’ Without Saying a Word

Honestly, it could've been a lot worse.

If you’ve ever been about to have company over and you’re thinking to yourself, “I should put out the good bedding” and that entailed a video game bedroom suite, the BioWare Gear Store has you covered. Because it’s making a Mass Effect N7 bed set, complete with comforter and pillows decked out in the red, white, and black color scheme of the series’ iconic N7 logo. I’m sure it would go very well with the Thane, Garrus, or and/or Tali body pillows the store also sells.

The $75 set is on pre-sale on the BioWare Gear Store website, and is the perfect way to say “we’ll bang, okay?” to your alien suitor without actually saying a word. Honestly, I’m spending a lot of time joking here because themed bedding gives me the ick, but I do appreciate the understated design. The powers that be were asking fans about what they’d want out of a Mass Effect bedding set back in October, and given that a lot of video game blankets, pillow cases, etc. (and frankly, a lot of the BioWare Gear Store’s output) are just slapping a logo on something and calling it a day, it could have been a lot worse.

If you feel inclined to have the N7 pattern on your bed for your sleeping and alien banging needs, the N7 Bed in a Bag is projected to ship in July.

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When the BioWare Gear Store isn’t putting out Mass Effect merch, it’s also getting caught up in a little bit of hubbub after a product description implied original trilogy protagonist Commander Shepard might be returning in the fifth game in the series despite their death being a possible consequence of the player’s choice in Mass Effect 3. BioWare has since said the description was written by people unfamiliar with the game, but the question of what the next Mass Effect means for the series’ legacy still hangs over the enigmatic project.