I’m Gonna Take So Many Pics of My Space Boyfriend in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’s Photo Mode

Strike a pose.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is just under a month away, and while we’ve seen a look at the gameplay changes Bioware is bringing to the remasters, as well as the visual update, Bioware kind of just casually made another announcement: the collection will have a photo mode.

Project Director Mac Walters confirmed this on his personal Twitter in response to a fan asking about whether or not you’d get to pause and move the camera around Commander Shepard and friends in the Legendary Edition and take edited screenshots of them doing cool space stuff. And it turns out, yes, you can.

Well this is exciting. Since hearing the Mass Effect games would be coming to modern consoles, one of the things I’ve been looking forward to most is getting screenshots of my custom Shepard, who has been largely trapped on my Xbox 360 and its lack of a screenshot button. But now, I’ll not only be able to get some of the great cutscene shots of him, but I’ll also get to frame some cool photos of taking down Geth, Collectors, and Reaper forces. But mostly, I’m just ready to see what kind of romantic shots I can get of him and his boyfriend Kaidan Alenko. Because I’m a mark with a very singular mind.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 14. For more on the series as we head into launch, check out 99 Potions’ latest episode, in which the crew talks all about the first game in the trilogy. Be on the look out for future episodes as we talk about all the games in the leadup to the Legendary Edition’s release.