Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Is on Game Pass, so You Have No Excuses Anymore [UPDATE]

The galaxy's not gonna save itself.

2022 is off to a damn fine start, as the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition remasters are coming to Game Pass for console and PC.

News of this came from a post on the Xbox Wire, which confirmed Commander Shepard’s story will be among the latest games added to the subscription service on January 6. This means if you’re a subscriber to Game Pass, you can play through all three of the original Mass Effect games as they were made all shiny and new for modern systems. This includes (almost) all the DLC released for each game, really making the Legendary Edition the definitive package for BioWare’s science fiction trilogy. If you’ve never played them before, now’s the time to get on it. I’d argue the first game hasn’t aged well, and the remasters don’t do much to rectify that beyond making it look on par with its sequels and, depending on what system you’re playing it on, essentially getting rid of load times altogether. But the trilogy as a cohesive thing still feels really special because there’s been nothing like it since.

Then you can play Mass Effect: Andromeda and get the full story as we head into whatever uncertain future BioWare is working on right now. But we still don’t know much about this upcoming fifth game just yet.

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Outside of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Gorogoa, Olija, and The Pedestrian are also joining Game Pass, and are all available on Cloud, Console, and PC today. Embr and Outer Wilds will join on January 6 alongside Mass Effect, while Spelunky 2 and The Anacrusis‘ Game Preview will be available for console and PC players a week later on January 13.

Update: Turns out, Legendary Edition is coming to not only Game Pass, but EA Play, as well. The service comes as part of PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but is also available as a separate service. If you’re subscribed to the latter, but no the former, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is also be available to you for no extra charge. But this service is also on PlayStation systems, so you don’t have to have an Xbox or a gaming PC. So, again, another excuse out the window.